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May 23 2021


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Last Updated: May 27, 2021

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Every business, sooner or later, finds itself at this crossroads — whether to keep the website development in-house or outsource it.

It seems like a simple question to answer at a glance. But when you indeed find yourself in the position to make a decision, you realize its intensity and importance.

Outsourcing web development has its advantages, for sure, and so does doing your work in-house. What we really need to weigh are the pros and cons against each other to make the best choice.

By the title of this blog, you’d know that we are pro-outsourcing. But what you need to know is that we haven’t reached this conclusion just like that. After years of research and analysis of various projects from different industries, we’ve found that outsourcing web development to a skilled developer or partner has far more advantages than keeping it in-house.

In this blog, we’ll support our claim with fair arguments and practical scenarios where outsourcing triumphs over in-house web development.

5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Web Development

Reason #1: Cut Back on the Costs

Reducing the cost to the company is one of the most common reasons for companies to outsource web development. And it’s rightly so when you can find skilled developers ready to deliver projects meeting your expectations at rates far lower than your in-house developmental costs.

In fact, in the Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey conducted in 2020, 70% of the respondents said that cost reduction is the primary objective for outsourcing.

outsourcing objectives by Deliotte
Survey findings

When you’re developing a website in-house, you need to invest money to hire the right talent, teach them the ropes of your business operations, equip them with various tools and software packages and give them a space to develop the website. All of this costs money at every stage and there’s no way to know the exact cost you’ll need to bear until it’s done.

However, when you’re outsourcing, you get quoted a cost for the web development — and that’s it! You don’t have to worry about altering the budget for new tools, hiring new employees, or any other costs that could eat up into your revenue.

Reason #2: Cut Back on Time Wastage

time image


Well, it’s not really a waste of time if you’re working on something for your company. But if there’s a better way to do stuff, then as a manager or a founder, you ought to consider it.

When you have multiple tasks to manage on your own, you end up juggling so many responsibilities and so little time. Bouncing from one task to another isn’t going to do well for any of the tasks.

It’s during these times that outsourcing takes a huge chunk off your plate. You don’t need to worry about hiring in-house employees with specific technical skills. You don’t need to worry about team management. And definitely don’t need to worry about providing them with enough resources to work on.

You can spend a fraction of the time searching for that right outsourcing company for web development, instruct them about your expectations and deadlines and then get the website delivered on the said date! As simple as that.

You can also expect the project to get delivered within shorter deadlines because of the huge resource pool the outsourced partner may have.

Reason #3: Leverage the Best Global Talent

best talent image

Hiring in-house employees mean you’re restricted to the city your workplace is in. You’ll have a very narrow bucket of talent to choose from. But when you’re outsourcing, you can tap into skilled developers from any part of the world.

Been following a developer online with exceptional skills? Love the work of a web development agency on the other side of the world? You can hire any of them you want and outsource your website development. You’ll no longer be restricted to your region for finding talent.

And the best part is that such outsourcing companies have quite experienced handling multiple outsourced projects that they stay in touch with you as much as you want for the entire duration. You can pop in through a video call any time to enquire about the progress, provide feedback and make amends.

Reason #4: Leverage the New Technologies

Whenever any new technologies arise, there’s a new requirement or trend introduced in the market. And your in-house developers have to keep up with these new tech trends on top of maintaining and updating your website.

Instead, you can outsource to a team of web developers who already have experience working with the new technologies to make your work simple. They can spearhead the development, provide you insights about the new tech trends and collaborate with you to deliver a website that meets the market requirements.

With a little outsourcing budget, you get to leverage the market trends with new technologies and quickly develop a website just like you’ve envisioned.

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Reason #5: Support Beyond Development

Developing a website isn’t a simple done-and-dusted job. Once the website is launched, you need to regularly monitor its performance, make changes as and when the demand arises, do alterations as the scope of your business modifies. In 2021 and beyond and due to extensive rise of digital businesses, the gap between each website refresh is narrowing from years to months and that’s where our plans can help.

During all of these, you can hire the outsourced team to conduct regular website audits to keep it in its best healthy state and do minor tweaks whenever necessary. This outsourced team will also have better risk management capabilities and real work experience to help you out in crucial security-related tasks.

Have You Decided to Outsource Your Next Website Development?

We’ve outlined just a few important points that make outsourcing all the more advantageous. There are several more such reasons you’ll realize once you start outsourcing.

The key to a successful outsourced web development project is the choice of the company you pick. So make sure to research well and choose an experienced company with vast resources to manage your web development needs and meet your expectations.

At StepToInbound, we take up outsourced website development projects to develop and design a website that meets your vision and the market demands. Shoot us a message here to discuss your web development needs and see how we can help you.

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