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July 13, 2020




After blogging consecutively for four long years and still working as a full-time marketing professional, I felt there was a need to be known by your own domain name with a specific purpose of sharing what I love, so here is my first post on my personal blog for all my readers.

As STI has been about Online business, business ideas, blogging tips and so on. Here, it is going to be more about Marketing Career and Productized services that recently caught my attention and it requires as specific place.

Hello everyone, my name is Neeraj and I am a marketing professional and founder of StepToInbound. I started my career as sales executive in 2010 and moved on to the marketing department of my first company. Software marketing has been the bread and butter of my career ever since then. Find more about me here.

I just launched my first free course “SOBC” or “Start Online Business Course” for those wanting to start a business online and are still at initial stages. I do write blogs, create books and so on, you can find about all my products here.

I also aspire to cover marketing as a career choice, the confusion, dilemma with sales, whatever I have learnt over a decade on this blog to help aspiring marketers make better career decisions if not the best.

I hope you find this blog valuable. Happy reading.


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