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September 26, 2020




Most service-based businesses are difficult to scale with the same scope of work and the target market. However, productizing a service helps in growing a business efficiently and increasing the capability of the company. You can bag more customers and spend time on upfront sales processes with hassle-free payments.

If you are planning to productize your service, there are many software you can use to sell your products. Choosing the right software based on your budget, scale and market matters a lot for successfully productizing a service.

In this blog, we will have a look at some of the top software available in the market and how you can use those to sell productized services.

6 Productized Services Software to Sell Your Offerings Online

1. SPP


SPP is one of the popular software that many use for productizing their services. It acts as an e-commerce platform through which you can sell your digital services. It has everything a typical e-commerce website must offer shopping carts, helpdesk, messaging, CRM, client portal, order form, payment options and many more.

They have both monthly and annual plans in three categories: Starter, Basic and Pro. The rates start from $47/month for a yearly package for a team with two accounts.

SPP doesn’t charge any transaction fees for the payments you accept through their platform. They have unlimited file storage, unlimited orders, clients, and affiliates with all of the plans.

2. ManyRequests


ManyRequests is an intuitive platform with numerous customizations to design the look and feel of your productized service.

You have the option to manage your client messages easily, customize the dashboard to include the key metrics to stay on top of your business and streamline the requests sent from the clients.

ManyRequests do not charge any transaction fee for payments through the platform and allows unlimited number of customers to be used across all models available – Starter, Plus and Ultimate. The rates start from $49/month and go up to $199/ month for additional features and more number of team accounts.

3. Jar


Jar is a project management software that lets you efficiently work behind the scenes with your team. When you are productizing a service, you will have several team members working together. Jar makes it simple to collaborate, distribute the workload, automate some processes, and create reports. You can also view the progress of all projects through a clean dashboard.

Currently, Jar is relaunching with new features like billing, custom onboarding, user management and more integrations for complete management of your productized service from a single platform.

4. ProcessKit

process kit

ProcessKit is a productized service software that operates on the main motto of scaling a service through productization.

It’s an efficient project management software that makes it easy to work with multiple clients without any confusion. You can automate the repetitive tasks, create standards to follow for similar tasks, create automated workflows and exercise quality control over every deliverable.

ProcessKit has a single plan at $49/month for unlimited projects and unlimited team members.

5. PayKickStart


PayKickStart is a software used for billing and affiliate management. It is used by global brands like PayPal, Stripe, Zapier and Braintree, among many others. It allows businesses to handle payments for subscriptions, one-time billing, or any other complex needs.

It’s perfect for a productized service to create their own pricing plan and use PayKickStart for accepting the payments. They have four pricing options – Starter, Growth, Scale and Custom. The plan rates start at $99/month and all the plans allow to include an unlimited number of products.

6. ChargeKeep


ChargeKeep is a popular software creating for productizing services like logo design, lead generation, WordPress, and customer support. It helps to create a productized service website, set up payments, build products and create a backend system to track the clients in a very short time.

It has an affordable pricing plan that starts at $19/month for a Basic plan and $29/month for a Plus plan.

Wrapping Up…

Having a software to guide through the process of productizing your business will save you a lot of time.

All these software are great to use for productized services. After deciding on your product, check out these software and their features and choose one that meets your product needs perfectly.

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