Why You Should Consider Making a Career in Marketing

February 24, 2021




Remember that product you purchased online on a whim? And followed that influencer on social media after seeing an inspiring ad?

It’s all the power of marketing!

Most of the stuff you find online is a form of marketing – from the blogs you read on company websites to the social media posts by influencers.

So, let’s jump right to the big question: ‘Is marketing the right career for me?’
The short answer – yes, if you’re ready to put your creativity, communication skills, innovative thinking and analytical ability together into a single career.

In this blog, let’s take a look at the various reasons why you should even consider a career in marketing.

Top Reasons to Choose Your Career in Marketing

reasons for marketing career

I can provide a hundred reasons why becoming a marketer is the best thing from my experience. But I’ve condensed and have picked some of the top, enticing reasons for making your career in marketing.

1. The Marketing Field Is Huge

Let’s get one thing clear. You cannot become an all-in-one marketer, to begin with. The marketing industry is so large that it is humanly impossible to specialize in every single branch of marketing at once to become a marketer.

But this is where your advantage lies. Since the industry is so enormous, you only need to pick one single domain in marketing!
You can become an email marketer, social media marketer, affiliate marketer, inbound marketer, influencer marketer or anything that piques your interest.

And then, once you become a specialist in one, you can move on to the adjacent marketing domains and grow your career.

2. You Get to Innovate, a Lot

Not a fan of following the norm? Well, then marketing would be your playground!

From creating marketing strategies to innovating with new technologies, there’s no bound to let your creativity out. In fact, 43% of marketing executives use 6 to 10 marketing technologies while 28% use more than 10, among which 2% use a whopping 51 to 99 technologies!

So, when you make your career in marketing, it’s totally up to you to innovate and create as much as you want to. You can use tools, technologies, software applications and what not to create novel marketing campaigns that set you apart from the crowd.

3. Your Growth Is in Your Hands

There are so many opportunities in a marketing career that it’s really up to you to grow at the pace you want.

There are generally two broad career ways to start marketing: by working in a marketing agency or working as a marketer for the client (to market the company’s products/services). In either case, you will have lots of options to learn and grow in your career quickly to become a marketing manager or a marketing specialist.

The growth of a marketer majorly depends on the performance. So, if you can ace your marketing strategies and deliver the expected results, then you can quickly climb the ladder!

4. You Don’t Need a Degree

Unlike what some think, having a marketing degree is not a necessity. Since the industry is growing and the new marketing technologies and strategies are developed often, the learning is never complete for a marketer.

So, it wouldn’t make a massive load of difference between a person who learnt marketing on their own with access to the new technologies and best practices, and another who graduated with a marketing degree many years ago.


5. You Can Earn High Income

When we talk about the advantages of making a career in marketing, how could we not talk about its high-income bracket!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, the median income of someone working in advertising, promotions and marketing is $135,900 per year in 2019.

labor stats

More specifically, the median annual wage for marketing managers was $136,850 during May 2019.

You can see that marketing is one of the most lucrative careers not just in terms of job satisfaction and growth but also in its high pay.

6. You Can Build Your Personal Brand

If you have a long-term idea of starting your own company somewhere down the line, marketing is a huge career opportunity.

Apart from learning the nuances of marketing a brand, roping in customers, and improving the ROI – everything you’ll need to know to build your company – you can also build your personal brand in parallel.

Having a reputed personal brand can do wonders for your marketing career and kick off your new company to a great start.

7. You Can Jump Through Your Career with an Amazing Network

Having a network you can rely on is an amazing asset for someone in marketing.

Because you can get referred to the right opportunities and progress in your career quickly!

Since the field is wide and continually growing, having the right contacts in the industry will give you a shortcut ticket to the top within a short time. Companies value employee referrals and employees usually refer those they like to work with.

In a survey conducted by Clutch in 2020, many companies feel that employee referrals are most helpful in finding the right candidates. In fact, 49% of employers feel that the referred hires stay longer and 31% believe that they have more qualified skills and experiences.

clutch survey findings

As companies are welcoming employee referrals, it’s a great advantage to build a network of like-minded people to get notified of some amazing opportunities to grow fast in your marketing career.


Wrapping Up

Marketing has everything a person looks for in a career – high income, space for creativity, fast growth, and a reliable network.

If you plan to become a marketer, then make sure to explore all possible options you have and pick one or two to start with. Every single company needs some form of marketing or the other to get ahead and there are so many opportunities for marketers now to make their name in the industry.

Written by Neeraj



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