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My First Book Is Out

You. The Marketing Professional Next Door. Opportunities. Growth. Money. is my answer to where marketing has come from, where it is today and where it is likely to go tomorrow. I wrote The Marketing Professional Next Door to help newbies to marketing decide whether or not to take it up as a career, and to help those who want to market their business get equipped with the necessary skills.

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My First Book - Marketing Career

The Marketing Professional Next Door. Opportunities. Growth. Money.

  • Is A career in Marketing worth it?
  • What to expect?
  • How much can I make?
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I’m Neeraj, Marketing Professional

I’m a blogger, Marketing Professional and the founder of StepToInbound.

I started my career in Indian IT Services and my first job (March of 2010) was to sell IT hardware (Desktops, Servers and Storage) in Southern India, while I was good at it, I quickly realized that I was inclined towards marketing as a profession. From there-on, I worked in multiple software companies to gain relevant experience and it has been 10 years ever since then.

From earning my first paycheque of $33 as a marketing intern, travelling globally and changing jobs to forming my own digital business, learning is all I do and knowledge is all that I seek…

This website is meant to publish what I know around marketing as a profession and productized services. I would greatly appreciate if you can follow me on social and subscribe to my blogs.

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