Hello, I’m Neeraj 

Blogger, Marketing professional and founder of StepToInbound.

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I have been working with global companies specifically in software since 2010. Some of the companies I have worked with…

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What Is A Productized Service

What Is A Productized Service

As a freelancer or a consultant, have you ever wondered, “How can I scale up my business and bring in more revenue with what I currently do?” Well, productized services are your best bet. You can grow your business into an asset that you market as a product. So, What...

How to Productize a Service

How to Productize a Service

Are you offering similar types of services time in and time out? Well, then you can productize it! Unlike popular opinion, all services can be productized, even creative ones. If your scope of work for a specific service takes a ‘finite’ amount of time, then it means...

My First Blog Post

My First Blog Post

After blogging consecutively for four long years and still working as a full-time marketing professional, I felt there was a need to be known by your own domain name with a specific purpose of sharing what I love, so here is my first post on my personal blog for all...